Courses Taught

BIOL 30: Principles of Biology I
BIOL 136: Vertebrate Neurophysiology
BIOL 167: Cardiorespiratory Physiology
BIOL 178: Integrative Physiology
BIOL 220: Scientific Communication
BIOL 255P: Seminar in Physiology, Pain Physiology

Teaching Awards

2017 American Physiological Society ADInstruments Macknight Early Career Innovative Educator
Blog post on award

2015 California State University Program for Education & Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB) Curriculum Development Grant to redesign Introductory Biology Core Courses (BIOL 30 & BIOL 31); Information here.

2013 SJSU Provost’s Course Redesign Grant to flip Vertebrate Neurophysiology

Teaching Resources

Resources from 2017 Active Learning Talk at Stanford
Information on SJSU Introductory Biology Core Redesign Project & Assessment

Lecture 3_Meselson Stahl Experiment